Barrio | Columbus, Ohio UPDATE: CLOSED

My hands down favorite part of a meal (other than dessert) is the appetizer.  Ordering appetizers instead of dinner is the perfect option for someone completely food-obsessed and indecisive like me.  Why commit to just one thing when you can order many?! That’s why one of my favorite indulgences is a tapas bar, where it’s completely acceptable, expected even, to order a variety of small plates.  So imagine my excitement when I discovered Barrio was within walking distance of our hotel in downtown Columbus.  Score!

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Tommy’s Diner | Columbus, Ohio

After checking out some reviews online, we decided to trust the masses and try Tommy’s Diner.  A little off the beaten path and a couple miles west of our hotel downtown, Tommy’s was crawling with people.

As the reviews suggested, Tommy’s has got every detail of the diner vibe covered, from the black-and-white checkered floors to the shiny red vinyl booths.  Even our waitress looked the part with a scarf tied around her head and bright red lipstick.  Love it! Continue reading