Punto de Vista | San Juan, Puerto Rico

On our second day of honeymooning in San Juan, we decided to walk from Old San Juan to the beach, which turned out to be quite a journey.  Midway there, we stopped to rest along the road under some palm trees.  We saw a couple approaching us, wearing bathing suits, so as they got closer, we inquired how much farther to the beach.  They told us we were close and asked where we were from.  Turns out the guy was from Wisconsin and his wife was from Youngstown, Ohio!  They had retired five years ago, and now live six months of the year in Puerto Rico; the other six months are spent touring the states in an RV.  They went on to tell us their favorite restaurants, one of them having “the best mofongo in San Juan.”  At this point, we still didn’t know what mofongo was, but they explained it, and that evening we were heading to the recommended spot: Punto De Vista.

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