Pistacia Vera | Columbus, Ohio

There are those food experiences where the stars align and everything just seems perfect.  It’s some spectacular combination of flavors, ambiance, and emotion that’s almost unexplainable.  Well that is exactly what happened at Pistacia Vera in German Village.  This must be what heaven looks like.

Pistacia Vera, a “dessert boutique,” seems to have struck the perfect balance between bakery and beauty.  The website is a must see (especially for all you graphic design and marketing types); they’ve done an excellent job of conveying the feeling you get when you walk in the front door.  Like the website, the interior of Pistacia Vera is primarily white: white walls, light wood floors, stark furnishings, even white dishes.  All this white flawlessly highlights the Pistacia Vera product: the macarons.

The macaron is clearly the star at Pistacia Vera.  Described as “light nut meringue sandwich cookies with buttercream or ganache,” the macarons are artfully displayed in such a way as to beckon you to try one.  Brilliant product placement tells you this is their signature item.  And the only thing that could possibly surpass the beauty of these delightful treats is the taste.  With a slightly harder outer shell, the inside is a soft, extremely moist, almost cake-like surprise, with a creamy center beyond.  It’s kind of like tapping through the sugar layer of creme brulee to get to the goodness that lies beneath.

A variety of creative flavors and brilliant colors demand that you try a few.  Our favorites were lavendar honey, caramel pecan, and raspberry hibiscus.  We also went back the very next day and tried passion fruit, chocolate mint, and key lime.  All were excellent, artful combinations of colors and flavors.  I dare you to resist taking a whole box home.

Of course macarons aren’t all Pistacia Vera has to offer.  Apart from a strong and flavorful iced coffee, they have a wonderful pastry variety, including the biggest croissants I’ve seen.  (Is this what a real French croissant looks like?)  Didn’t get the chance to try them, but there’s always next time.  Until then, I dream…

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