the wine glass is half full.

People tell me that I’m an optimist and most days I agree with them. I prefer to see the positive side of things and hope that it will ultimately outweigh the negative and prevail. I tell you this so you understand that this blog is not intended to be a restaurant review per se. If I was doing a restaurant review, I would review all restaurants, both good and bad. Instead, you will not see me write about bad restaurants. Why would I want to waste my time doing this? I would much rather tell you about the good, because frankly, who wants to be bothered reading about a forgettable meal.

I would imagine the other reason why I don’t want to write about bad restaurants is because I’m not a reviewer, I don’t have any expert qualifications in this area, and who am I to slam someone’s establishment in an open and public forum? I’ll leave that dirty work to the professionals. Surely there is some downside to every job, so maybe this is it for them – having to break the bad news that certain restaurants just suck.

So know that if the restaurant is being discussed on this blog, it’s because it is worthwhile to visit for one reason or another. It might not be the best restaurant in town, but its good enough to be included in my repertoire of “regulars”. So I hope you enjoy reading this blog of good and sometimes excellent eateries.


2 thoughts on “the wine glass is half full.

  1. I do the same thing. I was always taught “if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all” so I generally just don’t blog about places I’m not crazy about. There is one place that I am debating whether or not to publish because I liked a couple things and disliked two other things on the menu. Thanks for commenting on my blog so I could find yours! Great!

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