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I’ve always tried to take extra good care of my parents – after all, I owe them.  There is nothing they wouldn’t give (or give up) for me; they’ve lovingly supported me in every possible way over the years.  After losing my dad to cancer last September, suddenly I feel compelled to spoil my mom.  Holidays are still particularly difficult for us both; I find it helps to completely distract myself with new experiences.  So when I saw (in an email blast) that DBA (Dante Boccuzzi Akron) was hosting a Mothers Day Celebration, I jumped at the opportunity and made a reservation.  My mom hadn’t been to the spot since Vegeteranian had closed.  DZ and I had enjoyed one phenomenal meal there soon after DBA debuted.  It was an experience that just had to be shared with my mom.


Dining at DBA in the afternoon is a very different endeavor than dinner.  For one, if you get a table close to the windows, you have a fantastic view of north Akron, including a birds-eye view of the CVSR Northside Station below.  Second, you can really appreciate the interior of the restaurant, which was thoughtfully designed down to every detail.  At night it is very dark, making for a swanky atmosphere, but decidedly tricky to appreciate the finer details.


We opted for 3 courses with wine pairing.


dba.tuna avocado

Mom began with this tuna and crab salad, topped with avocado, drizzled with lemon aioli. How gorgeous is this dish.

dba.green spag1

This green spaghetti with garlic braised shrimp, spinach, and “poor man’s cheese” was enough to make any weight-watcher fall off the wagon.  This was my first course.  (Don’t worry, I shared.)  These small portions were literally perfect.


Ordering the same entree as my dining partner completely goes against my usual protocol, but neither of us could resist this salmon preparation: pan-fried with snow peas, crushed Yukon gold potatoes, and dill creme freche (they had us both at that last part).  Perfectly cooked salmon is so hard to come by, right?  DBA nailed it.  Great brown crust on the outside, softly cooked on the inside.  Beautiful sauces harmonized, without overpowering.  Al dente green veggies added some crunch.

dba.mom and me

You can see by the big grins that this meal was nothing short of fantastic.  And perhaps the wine was kicking in?  Or maybe we were just excited to dig into our last course: parfaits.  Let’s go with all of the above.

dba.chocolate parfait

Props to the chefs for understanding women and knowing the way to our hearts on Mothers Day.  The menu was obviously built for the ladies, and dessert followed suit: light, fluffy, utterly scrumptious.  Mom chose dark chocolate mousse with oranges and white chocolate ice cream.


I selected the rhubarb parfait, made with vanilla creme, butter streusel, and rhubarb sorbet.  Both desserts were indulgent without being over-the-top rich.  The layered effect was not only beautiful, but delivered a variety of flavor combinations with each bite.  Perfection.


The details make DBA a total success in my book.  For starters, the service is phenomenal.  The wine pairings in this meal were a special treat, especially since our server took the time to talk about the wines and elaborate on why the flavors work. In addition to being incredibly well-versed on the menu and preparations, they also have impeccable timing.  Each course is delivered at just the right moment.  Silverware is replaced between courses.  If that wasn’t enough, there are fun surprises, too: look for a guitar pick at the end of the meal, and a candy bar on the way out.  So glad that Dante Boccuzzi decided to venture south to Akron.  Mom is certainly ready to go back.

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3 thoughts on “DBA | Akron, OH

  1. So glad you finally wrote about this because it was hard for me to do justice to such a well thought out and pristinely executed menu, while describing it afterwards to my friends! I agree, the wine pairings particularly enhanced each course . . an area where you don’t always get to randomly switch around unless you want to leave in a wheel barrel, but they did it with a keen eye on quality and circumspect . . . for all of the flawless attention to my waning palate though, nothing revived me more than the the ever blossoming pride and joy I felt for my lovely and consistently thoughtful dinner partner who is hands down the best company I’ve ever kept, thanks again Honey!

  2. You should come to li Asian cuisine to try their Food. They have the best sushi in Akron and canton , and they have the best Chinese food. Look for Jason in the restaurant, and he mostly there every night.

  3. You may have learned this on your own by now, but I would suggest you not dine on holidays, as well as during restaurant week promos. You’re not getting the genuine experience, and often, it’s subpar when measured up to their usual service and offerings. This experience at dba seems like an exception, which is great for you, but in my experience, it’s best to avoid this kind of ‘special occasion’ dining. Not that you’re asking for the advice.

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