Eadies Fish House | North Canton, Ohio

Hidden away off Whipple on Wise Avenue in North Canton lies a secret treasure, Eadies Fish House.  This was my second trip – first was for lunch, this time for dinner.  Pulling in, I was once again surprised to see quite a crowd, especially for a Wednesday night.  But it’s no wonder really; Eadies has a funky and fun vibe with a great covered patio, that almost looks like it could be on the beach somewhere.  (Yes, some imagination is required.)

There were several specials of the day, one of which was a beer-battered fish sandwich for $5.  Sounded pretty good to me.  Dave ordered the fish dinner, with coleslaw and hushpuppies (which were rumored to be one of Eadies specialties).  And after talking to our server, we found it crutial to the Eadies experience to order the beer-battered fries, which were her personal favorite menu item.

A short while later, our food was delivered hot and fresh.  This sandwich had two huge thick pieces of white fish on it, with a thick and crisp breading.  The bun was soft and warm – a perfect compliment to the hearty fish.  Here’s what it looked like inside:

The fish was excellent.  The only room for improvement was in the seasoning, or unfortunately, lack thereof.  I hit it pretty hard with the salt and pepper, then doused it in the tartar sauce, which was very good, and everything turned out well.

Dave’s fish dinner came with three generous pieces of beer-battered fish and a whole bunch of hushpuppies.  So glad we tried the hushpuppies, they were great – well seasoned, very tasty, especially dipped in one of the sauces, a horseradish chipotle mayo.  Excellent combination!

If that wasn’t enough fried food, don’t forget the beer battered fries we had to have:

Okay, maybe this was overkill.  Once again we had to douse in seasoning; this time we had to hit the chipotle mayo with salt and pepper (instead of the fries) because the seasoning would not stick to the fries directly.  I know, wah wa.  They were good, but next time we’ll probably stick to the hush puppies, which won the taste contest easily.  In retrospect, we should have introduced the fries to the malt vinegar – if I remember correctly, there was some at the table.

I do have to mention the coleslaw, which I picked at but didn’t finish.  It was too vinegar-y, but aside from that, there was some other flavor that wasn’t doing anything for me.  You’re hearing this, admittedly, from one picky coleslaw connoisseur.  (Give it to me creamy and sweet!)

So, in summary, Eadies is great local place for beer-battered fish and hushpuppies.  Wash it all down with a cold beer and enjoy the beachy ambiance – picture you are in Clearwater, Florida eating a grouper burger at Frenchy’s.  Mmmmm.

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