Baker’s Cafe 33 | Canton, Ohio

For the first time in my food-blogging career, we tried out a restaurant that we didn’t know existed, based exclusively on the 97% positive recommendations from Urbanspoon.  And as we happily discovered, if you’re looking for a fantastic steak, then you need to look no further than Baker’s Cafe 33.  Off the beaten path (just south of downtown Canton), Baker’s doesn’t look like too much from the outside, and on the inside is more of the same, but the amazing food and friendly staff explain why it’s been a destination for over 75 years.

The menu at Baker’s Cafe is short and to-the-point; known for their steaks, they also offer a few selections of chicken, shrimp, and pork.  This is their entire menu:

Both Dave and I jumped right in and ordered their signature items; I went with the 12 oz. Ribeye and Dave opted for the 9 oz. Filet with sauteed mushrooms.  All steaks come with a no-nonsense salad and one side dish.

Just an iceberg salad, but what made this so outstanding was the homemade blue cheese dressing, one of the best I’ve had.  It was rich and creamy and full of sizable blue cheese chunks.  Accompanied with the homemade, soft, fresh baked bread, we knew this place was living up to its ratings!

By the time the steaks came out, it was true love.  My ribeye (top) and Dave’s filet (below) were both flavorful, tender, juicy, and cooked to absolute perfection, (both were requested at medium temp).

And inside:

Here is my ribeye inside:

Both cuts were amazing, but I have to say that the ribeye is my new favorite – I just love all the flavor that the marbles of fat bring.  The filet was phenomenal, but the ribeye was definitely juicier.  It tasted every bit as good as the picture looks.  The side of hash browns were a nice compliment.

With all this sheer indulgence, it seemed fitting to finish off with a slice of peanut-butter pie with hot fudge topping, another Baker’s Cafe signature dish.  We split a piece and still had to “force” it down – it was so incredibly rich and creamy.  Completely ridiculous.

So, if you haven’t been listening or looking at the photos, let me reiterate.  This was a fabulous food experience and I loved every single bite.  Our server, Jennifer, was awesome, proudly guiding us through every course.  In fact, everyone in the restaurant was friendly and welcoming, which made for a totally memorable visit.  I will admit that the decor is dated (and this is an understatement), so the atmosphere is obviously not the draw.  Some reviews have complained that for the price, you would expect more in the ambiance department.  I would like to agree and disagree: yes, I would love to see the place brought out of the 1970’s (or earlier), but sometimes you have to ignore the packaging and just enjoy what’s inside.  If you’re offended by the dated decor, just look at your food and you’ll be in heaven…I personally can’t wait to go back.

Baker's Cafe on Urbanspoon


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