Milk & Honey | Canton, Ohio

In the spirit of summertime, we can’t mention ice cream without paying homage to Canton tradition, Milk & Honey.  Even as a relative Canton newbie, it’s apparent that Milk & Honey holds a lot of memories for a lot of people.  A hybrid of restaurant, candy shop, ice cream parlor, and old fashioned soda fountain, Milk & Honey covers all the bases by satisfying almost any sweet craving.

Inside, you feel that you’ve stepped back in time, from the neon ice cream cone hanging from the ceiling, to the 50’s style counter with vinyl-covered swiveling stools.

But what I love most about Milk & Honey is the authentic, delicious, hand-scooped ice cream:

Kids love it too, (and somehow manage to tolerate my insistence on photography before the first bite – so mean!):

Ironically, the grown folk order the so-called “baby” scoops, which still satisfy.  Here’s the “baby” portion of blue moon:

And next, Coconut Explosion, which is coconut ice cream with almond slivers, dark chocolate chunks and coconut shavings.  Sinfully good!

I can’t attest to the other menu offerings; as for me, ice cream is enough of a reason to stop.  For an old-fashioned trip to the candy shop, Milk & Honey is a true Canton establishment that’s definitely worth a look (and the prices are right too).

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2 thoughts on “Milk & Honey | Canton, Ohio

  1. I love this place for so many reasons. The ice cream and hand dipped chocolates are fantastic. But I must admit that my biggest reason is that it was founded over 50 years ago by my now late Uncle Arlie Cornell. So many memories and I had to stop in today while here on vacation from North Carolina. Needed a sundae and to see my Aunt and cousins. A true Canton institution.

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