Napoli Italian Eatery | Canton, Ohio

I must have been a New Yorker in a previous life because I love big, flat pizza.  NY style pizza is very hard to come by in this area – it seems midwesterners love big fat doughy crust.  So far I’ve found only one place in Canton that does hand-tossed thin crust New York pizza well, and that is Napoli downtown.

When my photography all contains partially eaten food, it usually means that I was so excited to taste it that I forgot to take pics first.  (Whoopsy.)

Napoli just happens to have my all-time favorite pizza topping: meatballs.  Yum!  This pizza is so tasty – the sauce has a hint of sweetness, but adding toppings like meatball (or maybe spicy Italian sausage) balance out the flavors quite nicely.

Is there any better combination than pizza and beer?  Okay, there are a few, but this one is really up there.  Napoli is a must try for outstanding pizza like New-Yorkers eat it.  I can’t seem to order much else when I go; Canton’s got lots of great Italian options if you’re in the mood for pasta.  But it’s the pizza that makes Napoli a showstopper!  Love that you can order by the slice too – great spot to grab a bite while strolling around downtown Canton or checking out the art district.  Just don’t forget to hit up Muggswigz while you’re there!

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1 thought on “Napoli Italian Eatery | Canton, Ohio

  1. My family and I love this place! It is a simple unpretentious local owned family restaurant. Their chicago style is great too. It isn’t the super deep dish traditional chicago style, it’s more of a large pizza shaped calzone, but my god is it freaking delicious!

    It’s so nice to see a food blog showcasing Northeast Ohio! It isn’t exactly culinary heaven, but it has some solid restaurants. Now if we can do something about this chain restaurant hell we’re developing into, It can get even better!

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