Pulp | North Canton, Ohio

It’s exciting to talk about another great place to eat healthy in Canton.  The newest location of Pulp Juice and Smoothie Bar has opened at the strip.  This is actually the third smoothie spot in Canton within a two-mile radius, (the other two being Robek’s and Smoothie King).  Let’s face it, smoothies are the rage right now, even McDonalds is jumping on board.  I’ve typically preferred Robek’s over Smoothie King, (although ultimately I would take Jamba Juice if I had the choice).  Robek’s is good, but the hangup is often this: if you want a smoothie, but are also hungry, you’re limited to power bars, cookies, and other grab-and-go packaged snacks.  But if you need “real food”, i.e. a meal, you have to go elsewhere.  Well Pulp has recognized this problem and created a small but effective menu of freshly prepared wraps, salads, and soups to accompany their smoothie offerings.  Genius!

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BAM | North Canton, Ohio

If you think a typical menu in the midwest consists of meat-and-potatoes, fried foods, and homestyle cookin’, you’re sort of right.  But luckily there are some exceptions like BAM Healthy Cuisine in North Canton.  BAM is one of the only restaurants of its kind in this area – a locally owned, made-to-order, all things fresh, often organic, health food cafe. Continue reading