Thatsa Wrapp | Canton, Ohio

Who said wraps have to be healthy, anyway?

I’ve been meaning to get downtown over the lunch hour for awhile to check out the new-ish wrap joint, Thatsa Wrapp, on 6th Street.  It wasn’t until a random Thursday before Christmas (yeah, so I’m a little behind on the blog), when Dave and I were downtown last-minute shopping that I finally experienced it.  Good thing they have a sign on the corner of Mckinley and 6th which reminded us, because it’s a bit tucked away on a block that isn’t central to the rest of the downtown Canton scene.

Inside, Thatsa Wrapp has a retro diner vibe not unlike The Dor-Stop in Pittsburgh, although the menu offerings are quite different.  Must be something about the old brick storefront, the great counter with stools, and a comfortable, unpretentious dining room.

The menu, not surprisingly, is centered around the latest health-food sandwich-alternative, the wrap.

I may as well fess up right now and tell you that I wasn’t oh-so-excited to check this place out at first.  After all, wraps are presumed to be healthy, and often times I feel guilted into ordering them.  On any given day, at lunch time, at any given restaurant, one peruses the menu, knowing what you should order is a salad (or a veggie wrap), but what you want to order is the bleu cheese burger.

So what completely blows your mind at TW is that these wraps aren’t all that healthy!  I know, genius, right?!  Well I suppose for the carb counters of the world, the wrap in lieu of bread does help.  However, apart from that, I’m not seeing an abundance to rabbit food here, no way.  These wraps are delicious!

At TW, one can opt for either a wrap alone, or a platter, which is coupled with a choice of sides including homemade potato chips and this scrumptious dip, pictured above.  This was DZ’s selection, “The Bruiser” with blackened steak and crumbled bleu cheese:

A wise choice indeed; as you can see, these were thick pieces of steak – the real deal.  Perfect choice for a major carnivore.  I, on the other hand, am a sucker for a Reuben so I went with the Reuben wrap with a side of sinfully delicious smoked gouda mac-n-cheese (pictured above).  It was a beautiful marriage of the classic Reuben flavors, so good that I didn’t miss the rye bread for a second.

Needless to say, I’m looking for excuses to get downtown on a regular basis now; TW was an excellent addition to the downtown Canton food scene.  Definitely become a fan on facebook so you can see their unique daily specials/creations too.  I’m told the fish taco wrap is to die for.

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