Main Street Festival | North Canton, Ohio

This post serves no other purpose than to memorialize what might have been the last of the summer festivals for the year, at least for me anyway.  It was a warm late summer evening – a perfect night for my first trip to Main Street Festival in North Canton.  Next to the food, the best part had to be the collection of Corvettes:

My guess is there were 30-40 in total, all different years, all in mint condition.  Seeing them further enforced my plan to own a corvette some day.  (There was a newer dark gray one with purple flames – had my name all over it.)

But enough with the cars, let’s get to the food.  After much walking and menu-hunting, we finally decided on a hot dog truck.  But this wasn’t just any hot dog stand – they were serving up Chicago dogs, Coney dogs, and a slew of other varieties including this gem:

…the “Pretzel dog” with cheese sauce. I knew as soon as I got in line that I’d made a solid choice because 1) there was a long line (and this must mean something good is coming out of there), and 2) the guy behind me got on his cell phone and started telling somebody about how great the hot dogs and fries were.  So of course I took his advice and ordered fries too.  Thank you, Mr. Random-Cell-Phone-Talker, they were outstanding.  As for the hot dog, it was great too.  The pretzel aspect, in case you can’t tell, was the bun, which was basically a giant soft pretzel.  And the cheese sauce contained ground beef and was rather scrumptious.  Oh how I will miss festival food in this loooong Northeast Ohio winter that lies ahead.

Last but not least, I drug the whole Z-clan around until we finally spotted fried oreos.  Thanks to the eagle-eye in our group, we found them.  Fried oreos are my new favorite fair food obsession, ever since discovering them last year at Pittsburgh’s Three Rivers Regatta, where I waited in line for almost an hour for four of these grease-saturated little treasures.  But once I got a taste, it was worth every minute.  If you haven’t tried one, get yourself down to the Stark County Fair, or whatever other fair/festival you can find before fall hits.

American Idol’s Casey James – actually sounded pretty good:

Casey James in North Canton


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