Brown Bag Burgers | CLOSED: July 2012 :(

Relatively new to the Canton food scene is Brown Bag Burgers.  Although the name does not exactly draw you in, they do offer some delicious enhancements to the typical “burger and fries” menu.  The Godfather, my personal favorite, is reason enough to keep us coming back for more.

The Godfather consists of roasted garlic mayo, bruschetta, onion straws, provolone, and leaf lettuce.  Be cautioned that unless you order a “junior” you will receive a double patty, which in my humble opinion is waaaaay too much.  The single version is just perfect, and allows for further appreciation of the burger’s other ingredients.  (The bruschetta, garlic, and onion straws make for a stellar combo of punchy flavors!)

Apart from the Godfather, the menu at BBB is pretty simple – they offer four more unique creations in “The Magnificent Five” – including their version of the Big Mac called the “Macdaddy”, and south-of-the-border inspired “Bandito”.  They could definitely stand to add two or three more really great originals, mainly because several of them seem to be pretty basic, i.e. American cheese, pickles, lettuce, tomato, and onion.  (Perhaps something with bleu cheese?)  Another bonus is that you can get any creation with a turkey burger instead of beef, and for you vegetarians, they have veggie burgers, as well as a shrimp burger, and a fancied up grilled cheese.  Or, if you’re feeling extra creative, you can build your own burger with a choice of a couple dozen free toppings.

I must say, the fries are outstanding when ordered plain and enjoyed with a splash of malt vinegar, provided at each table.  Might I suggest you resist the temptation of ordering chili cheese fries.  Dave and I made that mistake the first couple times – it’s just way too much food when coupled with these giant burgers!  Plus one order of fries will feed at least two people.

The decor is some variation of country, although it is comfy and bright which I like.  Lots of playful farm and cow related graphics on the walls pay homage to our grazing friends.

All in all, Brown Bag Burgers provides one of the better burgers in town.  No choice of temp – or at least they don’t ask – but they come out well-seasoned and not overdone.  The buns are good; soft but hearty enough to hold up to the ingredients.  BBB is a must try in the chain-plagued North Canton Strip area!

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1 thought on “Brown Bag Burgers | CLOSED: July 2012 :(

  1. Awesome food blog! Love the pictures. I also live in NE Ohio and I’d say I’m pretty adventurous eater. I love trying new restaurants or checking out ethnic cuisines. I will have to follow this blog from now on.

    Have you been to 9th avenue International Food Festival in NYC? It’s in May every year.

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