The Dor-Stop Restaurant | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

After an overnight jaunt to Pittsburgh, we were looking for a place to have breakfast, which at this point had to be pretty great to keep up with the winning food streak we were on over the last two days.  If you don’t know what I’m referring to, obviously you didn’t read my last post about Alma Pan-Latin Kitchen.  So with breakfast on the brain, I hopped onto my Urbanspoon ap to see what our options were.  Once again, the Spoon saved our tourist behinds, and led us right into The Dor-Stop Restaurant in Dormont.

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Alma Pan-Latin Kitchen | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – Update: CLOSED :(

It’s become obvious over the past five months I’ve been writing this blog that Urbanspoon is an invaluable tool for foodies.  Though we’ve been known to give it a “shake” on the iPhone if we’re feeling indecisive in our own neighborhood, the real value and purpose of Urbanspoon is when you are traveling and want to find out where the locals are eating, and what they recommend.

We’ve been to Pittsburgh a handful of times, but this time was special.  Instead of our usual road trip to Ikea, followed by a quick meal in the vicinity, or an occasional jaunt downtown (and blindly trying a restaurant), this time DZ had bigger plans.  He surprised me with a trip to Fallingwater and asked me to marry him there!  It was a beautiful, romantic day, which he had carefully planned and calculated down to every detail.  Except for one: where to have dinner.  But of course that’s where I come in!  So on the drive from Fallingwater in Mill Run, PA back to Pittsburgh where we were staying for the night, I scoured Urbanspoon for something that would fit this special occasion perfectly.  It didn’t take me long to find out that Alma Pan-Latin Kitchen is what Pittsburghers are talking about, and that’s just what we were looking for.

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