Katzinger’s Deli | Columbus, Ohio

We had the great pleasure of experiencing Katzinger’s today, a famous deli at the mouth of German Village in Columbus.  Katzinger’s is legendary, and for good reason. I’ll try to shut up and let the photos do the talking.This one is called “Ari’s Open Door” which is hot pastrami, all-beef hard salami, Swiss cheese, and cream cheese on hand-sliced pumpernickel.  It was absolutely divine.  I have a weakness for cream cheese in general, but pair it with pastrami (best I’ve ever had) and a soft, fresh, fragrant pumpernickel…..forget about it!  I would order this sandwich any day of the week, a million times over.

DZ ordered the “Norman’s Special II” which is rosemary and garlic roast beef, oven-roasted turkey breast, muenster, lettuce, sweet red onion, and homemade Russian dressing on Rye.

It was also delicious, but for me you have to go corned beef or pastrami at a “real” deli.  Here’s a partial view of the menu, so as you can see, making a decision is NOT easy.

You hear me talking about ambiance a lot.  Well, Katzinger’s has it, and lots of it.

Part market, part deli counter, part dining room (complete with self-serve pickle barrels), Katzinger’s sets the standard on all fronts.  What a great start to a wonderful food weekend in Columbus.  Stay tuned.

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