Table Six Kitchen + Bar | North Canton, OH

Late last year, a new restaurant opened in my hood.  We didn’t go right away; I must be getting cynical.  All I kept thinking is meh, can’t be that great, its a crappy plaza location on Whipple, with a temporary sign and no website – must be another rush job to get open, once again ignoring the finer details.  Okay, so maybe that was a little harsh.

Fast forward to now, as I sit on my deck on the first sunny Saturday this year, planning my next lunch at Table Six Kitchen + Bar, which will happen soon if my lunch date ever shows up.  Table Six has become the North Canton foodie’s answer to the age old question: where can I go for a great cocktail and a bite to eat, that does not involve bar food, a chain, and the same-old-same-old menu.  Yes, there’s Gervasi, which paves the way for a fancy night out.  But I wouldn’t exactly classify it as a “neighborhood” spot – it’s really more destination, expensive…fussy even.  And there’s newly-expanded Main Street Grille, but I’ve never totally loved the atmosphere and the food has its definite highs and lows.  So that’s where Table Six swooped in and took their place in the North Canton food scene.

Table Six.dining room

Yes, Table Six lies in a dated plaza, but that for me is where the “ick” stops.  Inside is a thoughtfully designed, modern, big-city vibe that is a breath of fresh air in my little neighborhood.  The bar is the centerpiece, anchoring the space and creating a connection between two casual but upscale dining rooms.  I love the artwork, the lighting, the entirely open kitchen, the size (it’s huge, so you can always get a table), and, most importantly, the menu.  Is it the mecca of culinary innovation?  I wouldn’t go that far.  The menu is fairly uncomplicated, but in a good way.  Bottom line, they’ve got some well-executed dishes, out-of-the-box ingredients, and creative cocktails that every Stark County foodie yearns for.


They’ve mostly embraced the “small plate” dining/sharing concept.  I’ve yet to order an “entree” – this portion of the menu strikes me as an attempt to please everyone, even the old-school folk that can’t get comfortable with the sharing thing.  I stick with the apps, salads, and lunch plates.  Here are a few favorites that I’ve discovered throughout a half dozen visits.

Table Six.cauliflower

Buffalo cauliflower with blue cheese mousse.  It’s got a kick!

Table Six.kale chips

Oven-roasted kale chips with smoked paprika and sea salt.  You must try these, especially if like me, you’ve had trouble forcing down kale in the past.  In chip format, it’s utterly fantastic and completely addictive.  Salty to the max, the uber crisp kale literally melts in your mouth.

Table Six.ahi

This one is a stand-out: seared, sesame-crusted yellowfin with hoison (yum), mashed avocado, wasabi aioli, and crisp rice noodles.

Table Six.bacon

‘Here, piggy piggy’ (and that means YOU for ordering this) maple pecan bacon.  This, for me, is bordering on too much of a good thing, but everyone else loves it, so you’ll have to see for yourself.  Side note, have you tried Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale?  DZ loves the stuff.

Table Six.sliders

Sliders served on pretzel buns – simple and classic.  Sometimes you gotta have a burger.

Table Six.salad

Table Six salads are lovely and shareable.  The Balsamic salad has mixed greens (they go the extra mile with a nice selection of leafy greens, like kale and romaine), sun-dried tomatoes, glazed walnuts (huge, crunchy, perfectly sweet), blue cheese, and balsamic vinaigrette.

Table Six.mediterranean

On the ‘Hearty Lunch’ menu you’ll find the Mediterranean platter, a delightful meal for any occasion that is delicious, filling, and fairly calorie-conscious – minted lamb burgers, a little greek salad, pita wedges, hummus, and tzatziki.

So this gives you an idea of what they’re up to at Table Six.  Be sure to leave room for sweets…they’ve thoughtfully prepared a menu that is diverse and unexpected.

Table Six.creme brulee

Definitely not your typical creme brulee; crack through the caramelized sugar shell and dig in to buried treasures of peanut butter sauce and chocolate ganache.

Table Six.sundaeAnd our dear piggy friend has returned, this time stuffed with vanilla bean ice cream, covered with glazed walnuts, chocolate, butterscotch sauce, and crowned with a strip of chocolate covered bacon.

So, are you hungry yet?  If you’re a cynic like I was, snap out of it and give them a try. Here’s another solid review from About Magazine – with great photos of the interior, too.

Table Six Kitchen + Bar on Urbanspoon


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