Table Six Kitchen + Bar | North Canton, OH

Late last year, a new restaurant opened in my hood.  We didn’t go right away; I must be getting cynical.  All I kept thinking is meh, can’t be that great, its a crappy plaza location on Whipple, with a temporary sign and no website – must be another rush job to get open, once again ignoring the finer details.  Okay, so maybe that was a little harsh.

Fast forward to now, as I sit on my deck on the first sunny Saturday this year, planning my next lunch at Table Six Kitchen + Bar, which will happen soon if my lunch date ever shows up.  Table Six has become the North Canton foodie’s answer to the age old question: where can I go for a great cocktail and a bite to eat, that does not involve bar food, a chain, and the same-old-same-old menu.  Yes, there’s Gervasi, which paves the way for a fancy night out.  But I wouldn’t exactly classify it as a “neighborhood” spot – it’s really more destination, expensive…fussy even.  And there’s newly-expanded Main Street Grille, but I’ve never totally loved the atmosphere and the food has its definite highs and lows.  So that’s where Table Six swooped in and took their place in the North Canton food scene.

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