Basil Asian Bistro | Canton, Ohio

Checking out a new restaurant on your birthday could be considered a risky endeavor. Some might call it foolish, especially when that restaurant is not only new, but practically “off the grid” when it comes to an online presence of any kind, (although they have since established a website). Such was the case with the new talk-of-the-town downtown Canton restaurant, Basil Asian Bistro. Despite maintaining quite a mystique in the first few weeks, every food lover in Canton was facebooking and tweeting about it. It was practically a race to see who could get there and talk about it first.

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Grinders | Canton, Ohio

Sometimes it takes a while to discover a perfectly great restaurant that’s right under your nose.  Such was the case with Grinders Above and Beyond, a local chain of six family restaurants in Stark County and surrounding areas.  While the term “family restaurant” often conjures unpleasant imagery of tired menu offerings, old people, and a general lack of culinary creativity or “scene”, Grinders goes above and beyond all that (ha) and manages to stay pretty cool.  This post is centered around the North Canton location, which I find to have a comfortable and visually-interesting dining room, a better-than-average patio, excellent servers, and a bustling crowd pretty much every time I visit.  But it wasn’t until last summer at a company luncheon, catered by Grinder’s, when I finally became a fan of their cuisine.  It was the Key West salad that sucked me in.

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Jasmine Asian Bistro | Canton, Ohio

Admittedly, yes, I’m food obsessed, but that doesn’t stop me from being misinformed about my restaurants from time to time.  I recently led you to believe that Sukho Thai in Belden Village is the only Thai restaurant in Canton.  Come to find out, this is only partially true.  Indeed Sukho Thai is the only exclusively Thai restaurant, as in, they focus on Thai cuisine, the word “Thai” is on the sign….you get the idea.  But recently we became acquainted with a pan-Asian gem called Jasmine Asian Bistro and discovered another great local place for Thai.  Pan-Asian is a fancy way of saying that they serve a mix of Asian cuisines, including Japanese, Chinese, and yes, Thai.  A big thank-you to one of my readers, Lee, for pointing this out.

Now, about my new friend, Jasmine Asian Bistro.  I had been hearing bits and pieces about this place for a while, but since it’s located on 30th Street, between Cleveland Ave. and Market, I don’t pass by it enough to remember to go.  Once inside, I was pleasantly surprised that there was some attention paid to design details in the dining room.  With white table clothes and napkins and an updated and almost swanky bar, this place definitely had a little ambiance going; at least they’re trying, that’s all a girl can ask for.

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Kozmo’s Grille | Massillon, Ohio

Massillon is a charming Northeast Ohio town with a wealth of historic buildings. It is home to a very cool art museum and picturesque, quiet downtown. Despite the fact that Massillon is only a short 20-minute drive from North Canton, it’s not often that we venture there. But when we do, there’s one restaurant that we cannot miss, Kozmo’s Grille on Second Street.

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Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt | North Canton, OH

I have three words for you.  Fro-yo. Has. Arrived.  If you didn’t read my post on Almost Heaven Ice Cream, you might not know what I’m talking about.  For the three plus years since moving back to the Midwest from San Diego, I’ve been waiting for the frozen yogurt trend to roll its way into Ohio from the west and east coasts.  It’s taken a while, but it’s finally here!

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