Five Guys Burgers and Fries | Canton, Ohio

Yet again I have to break my “no-chain” rule to talk about the newly-opened Five Guys Burgers and Fries in Canton at the Strip.  As a dreamer, it’s my duty to get the word out to my local readers, who just might be contemplating a trip to Five Guys.  All I can say is: Holy In-and-Out knock-off, Batman!  Are you kidding me?!  This obvious stealing of In-and-Out Burger’s look, feel, and menu is off-putting to say the least, but could the burgers be better??  I was skeptical.

Being “day two” of business for this particular Five Guys location, there was a three-ring circus of inexperienced employees attempting to run the place.  I’m pretty sure they had more employees in the kitchen than customers in the dining room.

Not to say that they weren’t friendly, they were; all of them wearing their brand new clean red shirts and hats, clearly enjoying the initial excitement and buzz, shouting customer orders at each other as if this was the most exciting place to be on earth.

So after some quick pleasantries with the girl at the register, and getting the nickel tour of the menu, I learned that their typical burgers are actually doubles, so in order to get a single patty, you have to order the “Little Cheeseburger”.  So that’s what I did.  They do offer an array of toppings on the burger (all free, keep but reading for the catch) including usual condiments, lettuce tomato, onion, and even grilled onion (major In-and-Out knock-off).  Plus you can add bacon for a little extra.  I also ordered cajun fries (okay, that’s original) and a regular drink.  (No milkshakes?!)

So the order consists of: single bacon cheeseburger, fries, and a drink.  Imagine my surprise when she gave me the total: $10.09.  WTF, are they insane?!  The only thing they haven’t knocked off is the price.  I mean, COME ON, this is a fast food burger joint, what am I missing?  Apparently Five Guys is the Starbucks of the burger world and I just ordered a $5 cup of coffee.

Anything served in a greasy paper sack should not cost $10, right?

Onto the taste.  I will admit, this was a tasty burger.  The meat was thick, well seasoned and seemed fresh and less “fake” than most fast food burgers.  The grilled onions were a nice touch.  All in all, a very good burger.  The fries were enough to feed three people (with appetites like mine anyway).  Not sure if this was a regular portion, or whether they went a little heavy because it’s Day 2, but there were a ton of fries.  The cajun seasoning definitely added something but they were pretty good plain too – obviously fresh cut, another I-N-O knock-off if you ask me.

So all-in-all, fun place, and if I hadn’t lived on the west coast I probably would have been more impressed – except for the price, that still was kind of ridiculous no matter how you look at it.  If I’m paying $10 for a burger, I better be getting some table-side service at least.  If I had to pick a favorite, In-N-Out nails it on taste, freshness, service, and price.  Even their website kills.  But since Northeast Ohio has no I-N-O, for take-out burgers, I’ll still hit up Swenson’s any day.  Sorry Five Guys, it was good, but not $10 good.


1 thought on “Five Guys Burgers and Fries | Canton, Ohio

  1. The greasy bag reminds me of the greasy bag that was handed to me at Brown Bag Burgers on Dressler. No stars for that place either – – in my opinion. Thanks for the tip, I was thinking of trying the Five Guys – now I know not to waste my time or hard-earned money.

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