The Lockview | Akron, Ohio

For once our focus is not on food. This time we’re talking liquids at The Lockview in downtown Akron.  Just across from Lock 3 on Main Street, Lockview is a beer-bar as much as a restaurant, but either way it’s becoming a destination.

I initially heard about their supposedly killer grilled cheese sandwiches, but our two visits so far haven’t yet included a meal.  They have a huge, generously stocked bar, as well as a great cocktail menu.  But the standout at Lockview is definitely the 150 beers to choose from.  DZ went for the Arrogant Bastard Ale.  Whoever named that one is a marketing genius, and btw, the beer’s pretty decent too.  Thought I would hate it but it was actually great – tons of full-bodied “aggressive” flavor, plus a few mystery undertones that leave you curious.

Our bartender was cool – friendly, helpful, and full of information about beer.  He gave an insightful explanation of IPA’s, so now I know.  Since we had just eaten (Rib White & Blue) I was in the mood for something sweet, so I skipped the beer and ordered the coffee martini.

Not an easy decision with so many choices, but a good one nonetheless.  Heres’s a partial view of the beer list:

The bar downstairs is large, welcoming, and comfortable.  They are rumored to have a second floor rooftop patio as well.

So we’ll consider this ‘part one’, because obviously we’ll be back soon for a gourmet grilled cheese.  But certainly for beer and cocktail variety, selection, ambiance, and location, Lockview gets high marks.  So perhaps a new downtown Akron standby for drinks!

The Lockview on Urbanspoon


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