Caffe Gelato | North Canton, Ohio UPDATE: CLOSED

It’s not often that on a random Tuesday evening I discover a hidden gem like this one. Cafe Gelato sits on Main Street in North Canton and has a little downtown storefront kind of look, despite the fact that it’s located in what looks like a large old house.  The only reason I mention this is because I’ve literally driven by the place dozens, maybe hundreds of times, thinking ‘oh yeah, I need to stop there sometime’ – but it just never materialized.  Well, never judge a book by its cover, because if you did you would miss out on this adorable spot.  This is a side view looking up from the street-side patio (which sits between theirs and the neighboring building):

Once inside, it was obvious I had missed out.  Not only do I love frozen treats and am forever searching out the best homemade ice cream options around, this place is probably two miles from my house.  The interior is very cute – warm colors, red paint, markerboard menus, comfy furniture, and friendly baristas ready to chat while you sample gelato from the case.  Check out the selection:

Yummy!  This was exciting because I’m quite sure this is the only gelato place in town.  I didn’t ask if it was homemade, although I did read on another food blog (because they don’t seem to have a website) that the gelato is supplied by a very Italian man in Cleveland who barely speaks English.  In any event, I went for the Lemon Chocolate which was delightfully light, tart, and beautifully balanced by the dark chocolate chips.  Lemon and chocolate is such a fantastic and under-used combination.  Dave opted for mango, which was definitely made from real (fresh) mangos and was refreshing with a subtle sweetness.  We enjoyed our gelato on the patio, then headed back inside for coffee, which our friendly barista made fresh for us.  Nice touch, it was strong and delicious.  We will most definitely be back – and they have lunch options also.  So yay, a new local cafe to support, with delicious frozen delicacies, bonus!  (Now if only someone in Canton would get a clue and open a fro-yo stand.  Seriously.)
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